Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 84 … Prayers for Sophie!! (Again)

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #84…
This week’s episode breezes by a lot faster and a lot less allergy related than last weeks. Some casting news and rumours, a heart felt message from the Fast & Furious Family and of course more announcements of reboots and remakes. I take a stab at trying to pronounce a name that I think I got right, but who knows. Sadly, we do have a death to announce. He played in the Harry Potter franchise, Snatch and Batman Begins… also he is a former MMA star from the UFC. Not much in the way of super hero news, but I give my thoughts and opinion of what should happen with the fledgling Spider-Man franchise. Marvel Comics makes TWO huge announcements and you can find the details inside.
In sports, NFL training camps are set to open today and I give you the dates of the Ehnother Podcast family’s favourite teams start dates. Also Jimmy Graham gets a contract and then using the Around the League guys, I give you 8 players who may regress in 2014. As well as 3 keys to watch during training camp for the AFC North and AFC West teams. Baseball standings and statistics return to the podcast this week. Also, since this coming Sunday is the WWE Battleground Pay-Per-View, I give you my predictions.
Hope you enjoy the show, and see you next week!

NOTE!!! Do not forget Prayers for Sophie. A link will be below where you can donate $5 for a ticket into the Stephen Amell raffle. Check the links below or listen to last week’s episode for more information.

Stephen Amell: Raffle for Sophie
Prayers for Sophie Fundraiser
NFL Training Camp Report Schedule
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