Ehnother Podcast Episode 92

Hello everyone, OJ and I are back with an all new episode! We are also working tirelessly to archive all our old / new episodes on youtube. So you can listen to all our old stuff if you need to. And we want to hit the youtube market as well. It’s all about you. So if there is no audio link on the older episodes hopefully we get the youtube versions up soon enough for you. We were running out of space.

We also upgraded the system to two mics, and it seems to be working well. The last part of the episode may be a bit wonky sorry about that. The program I am using is a bit tricky. That being said here are the stuff to the links that we talked about.

A special case for your iPad so you can strap a fleshlight to it! The Ebola issues, and people being flown back the USA that have it! A man who had his penis amputated, A bus driver that ran a red light in Toronto, Racism from a UPS driver, a hilarious husband who shot his own maternity photos and finally the videos we were talking about!

Thanks for listening, we have also set up the NFL pickem League you can join here!

There is a prize for that one!


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