Ehnother Podcast Episode 93 – The Doug Gilmour Episode

Hello everyone, welcome to Ehnother Podcast and an all new week of Podcasting from all of us at Ehnother Podcast! This is the last week that OJ will be with me for a while. The next few weeks I will be all by myself and sometime in September we will be back together again. This year we haven’t missed an episode and we are all going strong! You will notice at the top of the page there is a page dedicated to the Ehnother Podcast NFL pickem league, go sign up now! You will hear the add in the podcast. Now onto the episode.

We don’t officially talk Doug Gilmour but being episode 93 I named it Doug Gilmour! Hey why not we didn’t have a douche bag award, only some really cool stuff, just like Dougie!

WE open the episode with some amazing kids playing a 46 and 2 song by Tool.

We talk about my action figures on the shelf and dream of when the youngest moves out to make a proper Podcast Studio. I am working on plans now! It should be no time before she is all done school and living the good life, and her bedroom get’s converted into either a grandkid bedroom or a podcast studio. I am sure that it will actually be a grandkid bedroom. That being said I am hoping to upgrade my Superman 30″ tall one to a Man of Steel! We talk about the Incredible Hulk getting tattoos which would be awesome, but thinking about it he couldn’t because his blood is radiated. Superheroes and their sponsors,  Go to this link if you want a Deadpool Movie! Dan Le Betard’s billboard in Akron Ohio (ESPN has no sense of humour), Zack Snyder calls into a Detriot radio station to defend Aquaman? You can now legally lick Shania Twain! Canada’s Wonderland is shutting down the standup roller coaster! Little Noah Ritter (video below), A human fooseball table (video below) and a kid who has the voice of an Angel (video below).

Thanks for listening!


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