Ehnother Podcast Episode 96

Welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at Ehnother Podcast! This week OJ is back and we have a plethora of items to discuss! We hope you enjoy the podcast! Here is what we talked about!

The ALS Association was going to trademark the #ICEBUCKET and #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE so other charities or whomever couldn’t use these tags to raise money! A news reporter gives some great advice!

Olivia Wylde (although hot) needs to be stopped!

Oliver the baby moose that went to Tim Hortons in Sudbury Ontario (the home of Ehnother Podcast) has died! A brother and sister were arrested for having sex….WITH EACH OTHER! A Saskatoon business owner is upset after getting his vehicle impounded after an employee was caught using a cell phone! A nine year old accidentally kills a gun instructor while she was using an uzi. A man who pirated the Fast and Furious 6 has received 3 years in prison. The history of Winnie the Pooh.    And finally the racist guy on a bus.

OJ and Ray’s Ice Bucket Challenge!

Hope you enjoy the show!



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