Ehnother Podcast Episode 97 – My Lucky Number

Hello Ehnother Podcast fans, welcome to another great week of Podcasting from all of us at Ehnother Podcast! OJ and I kick the week off with a jam packed show! News was kind of slow what with all the FAPPENING going on! Now we don’t think it was cool what someone did. We did however talk about the event and the nude pictures that were hacked or phished by someone that show girlfriend of the show Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and many more celebrities. Hey people what they do in their spare time is all up to them, they shouldn’t be taken advantage of in this way. We also discuss a new type of pervert from this event. And the FBI are on the case! With all of these digital leakes of late, I think Polaroid should make a come back! Speaking of retro items making a comeback what about the bookbook?

And in other retro items here are some things today’s kids will never get to do or see in school!

In other news Kim Kardashian answered the question everyone (or no one really cares about) does she have a sex tape with Kanye? Check here for the answer!

Before the break we play the Samsung Smart Home Ad!

In the other news stories we cover a University Student who got hit by lightning fatally ending her young life. Justin Bieber gets arrested and charged in Canada! Thieves target handicapped couple (close first for the douche award this week), A young woman using Facebook while driving kills a grandma (Abbey Sletton you get the douche award), 8 hilarious movie extra mistakes, some adopted men never knew they were brothers and they were childhood best friends, and finally we discuss our NFL pickem League.

Well that is the whole show, hope you love it!



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