Ehnother Podcast Episode 99 – The Great One

Hello everyone welcome to episode 99! I am so excited, this is a great thing, we have been going strong for a very long time. When you add up all the episodes we have produced a lot of content! And we will continue to do so! So tell your friends, and tell your family. We don’t need monitary support, just your love and continuation of subscribing to this all Canadian Podcast Network! So this week OJ and I kick it off with what is on the DVD shelf! Then we jump into some sports which is not regular of us, and we stick up for our good friend and podcast partner Ray! We cover a few news items but not much. And the following videos. OH AND OHJAYYYYY will be working on a movie! So he won’t be around for a few weeks. He will do a few special Reel Music episodes but it WILL be back! We also talk about Lost After Dark and well as soon as my iPhone uploads it to the internet which has been taking all day long I will post our intro! Now here are the videos!

Women wins the lottery after eating fiancee’s icecream, Costco Canada and no American Express, Maple Leafs North American Sports Rating,

That should be it besides the intro to Lost After Dark that is right below!


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