Ehnother Podcast Episode 101 – Tom Terifficable

Hello ehveryone, welcome to an all new episode of Ehnother Podcast! This is episode 101 and it’s all me by myself again so hopefully I put this out on time, not like the last one. To which I sinceriously apologize to all of you! Now on with the show, I tell you in this weeks episode why Tom Brady is still Terrific! Even though he has been Tom Terrible of late! I give you the stats and the reasons why he will bounce back or would have bounced back last night vs the Bengals!

Tom Brady



I also dive right into the Weekly Pickem League and will give you a standings update! Also I will spoil for you the scores in the NFL. I hope that I can make this a weekly segment. By far my most favourite person at the NFL Network is Dave mother fucking Dameshek! You know the guy! We played his Shame Reports last year. This year I will tell you what he thinks will happen this week in the NFL before the GAMES EVEN START! Some Patriot news as I can cover that all by myself (Ray will LOVE or LOATHE this) There is a very cute series of videos online of Kittens as if they were in Assassins Creed! Seriously CUTE!

And finally Canada’s role in ISIS. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced that we will be active in the fight.


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