Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Season 2 Week 7

NFL Pick EmThis week we see Adam top the charts for the podcast with possible his best week of pick ’em since we started doing this last season. Tyler had some other obligations to keep him away this week, but he did send in his picks. We have a lot of clean sweeps this week, but also it seems OJ is trying to make a move up the list as he chose a lot of the underdogs this week. Will it pan out for him? Find out in the week to come. Cortana still tops the over all charts, but she does cheat… sort of, she is a computer after all. For the Ehnother Podcast NFL.com Pick ‘Em, ertlt now has a commanding 70 point lead over his next closest opponent. The last two weeks of mediocrity has seen me plummet down from 2nd to tied for 5th. Still a lot of season to go though.
Hope you enjoy the show, and see you next week!

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