Ehnother Podcast Episode 103 – The Hero Episode

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new podcast from Ehnother Podcast! I hope you enjoy this episode! OJ is working on a movie this week so I was recording by myself. I talk about my video for my first ever Nerd Block unboxing, it is up now so like it, hate it, leave comments so I can do better! Now onto the show!

I talk about Laurie Holden and how she is a hero for helping bust some child sex rings in Columbia. Drake sucks at basketball (and rapping let’s not forget that), Caitlyn a girl from Alberta is battling bullying with post-it notes! A sniper misses his mark on a US Marine. A girl wants to be a role model for shooting guns, she’s 10 years old it makes no sense to me. Milan Lucic is up to old tricks in Montreal. Phil Kessel’s overtime goal against the Colorado Avalanche get’s NHL 94’d. I also mention the standings in the NFL pickem league! And I also cover week 7 spoilers as predicted by Dave Dameshek before the games even happen! Well that was the show, enjoy the links and the videos! Oh I almost forgot the artist who erected a sex toy but claims it’s a Christmas tree! 

Oh and how OJ interrupts the show with a text saying that DEAN CAIN will be filming a movie in Sudbury Ontario! DEAN CAIN, SUPERMAN! I may have to try to meet him!


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