Ehnother Podcast Episode 104 – Canada’s Heroes!

This episode remembers the Heroes that we have in Canada! This past week we were hit with the tragic killing of Corporal Nathan Frank Cirillo! Such a sad and tragic story of a troubled man to take the life of a solder who stood dutifully at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa Ontario. Kevin Vickers former RCMP officer is being hailed a hero as the Sergeant-At-Arms in the Nations Capital took out the gunman who moments before shot the soldier. We also discuss the statement made from the Prime Minister and how I thought it to be late! Not only was it later than I had hoped, I saw no emotion. You can be the judge of that in the video below.

I thought Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau made a better speech, and more affectionate! I think he will make a fine Prime Minister!

I vote for the person I think will do the best job, and right now I think that man is Justin!

Harpers job is also being noticed by the younger generation as well! Check out this video done by Tori Metcalf!

The Penguins did an awesome thing the night of the killings and sung the Canadian National Anthem. This touches my heart!

The cool thing about this is that there was no Canadian teams there, they did this and what an AWESOME JOB by the Organization, teams and the fans!

We also discuss some stories to close it out, Tim Hortons coffee grinds are causing a bad smell!  And the Sudbury Wolves coach in a nasty interview!

Hope you like the show in light of what happened! Listen tomorrow to Reel Music!

Bruce MacKinnon cartoon

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