Ehnother Podcast Season 3 Episode 1

Hello everyone welcome to Ehnother Podcast Season 3 Episode 1. After completing 104 episodes or two full years of podcasts I decided to retool a bit and officially this is episode 105 but we are now into a new era of seasons. Some time over the Christmas holidays I hope to get all the Podcasts up on YouTube so you can listen to the old ones there. They will be linked on the page, it’s a lot of work to do. I am super excited to do it, but at the same time. IT is a lot of work.

Now onto the show, this weeks show we talk about how some Ontario schools aren’t allowing kids to come dressed up in their Halloween costumes. A Toronto family hasn’t been back home after last years ice storm, it’s going on 10 months and it’s not looking promising either. A Vancouver woman’s phone dials 911 when she isn’t home and the fire department break in to check on her. Speaking of the unexplained or maybe explained a UFO sighting leaves a St Johns man shaken, it’s most likely a drone but he isn’t having any of it! Virgin Galactic’s Spaceshiptwo crashes leaving one of the pilots dead! The human brain is amazing and unique, a recent discovery of a brain with no folds (sulci). Canada isn’t issuing people visas from ebola stricken countries. Quebec man pranks Bell Canada! We get a little bit into the sports, the Sudbury Wolves have lost 13 in a row! Jose Canseco shoot off his finger while cleaning his gun. Irish people watching baseball for the first time. And we cover the NFL standings in our pickem league. And the NFL spoilers by Dave Dameshek. WE then jump into a little teaser segment for tomorrow’s Reel Music. How we do this is a play a couple of clips of footage that was released from Avengers Age of Ultron which seems to be setting up the next Captain America. How it should have ended the video is down below, and finally Pee Wee Herman does a voice over. Hope you like the show! Check the links, leave a comments, send in an email! We are here for you!



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