Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 101 … Marvel-ous!!

Phase 3 MCUEhnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #101.
I am getting more use to the Irish way of things and hoping to include more related news
when and if I can. However, don’t want to change too much of the show, so here is this
weeks episode. I have information about casting… and uncasting …Not sure if that’s a
word, but a few stars have dropped out of movies this week due to different reasons. AMC
adds a new show starring Tom Hiddleston. Speaking of Tom, he has double news this week as he appears in the Super Hero Movie Time Segment. Also there we find out that just as I finished recording last week, a huge annoucnement was made and so I talk about that some this week. Finally, in entertainment, we get confirmation on 2 rumours and both are just tidbits compared to the announcment.
In sports, the MLB season has come to an end. We have a World Series Champion and with that a World Series MVP. There have already been some off-season moves by the Toronto Blue Jays and even other teams have hired new managers. In the NFL, my most hated team in all of sports had a big win this past week, but thankfully there is always a jab to throw at them. They must be regretting letting go of a guy who has helped the Arizona Cardinals to a league best 7 and 1 record. Your injury roundup for this week includes my commentary on why I think the Cowboys should rest Romo this week. Finally, in the NHL, we have your 3 stars from the month of October, your Rookie of the month and of course your 3 Stars of the Week. Standings and stats for both the NFL and NHL wrap up both of those sections.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!
Marvel Studios Phase 3LINKS:
Prayers for Sophie
Kevin Feige Q&A from Marvel’s Phase 3 Announcement

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