Ehnother Podcast Season 3 Episode 2 – A World full of Douches

Hello everyone welcome to an all new week of Podcasting from all of us at Ehnother Podcast! I am alone this week, but that wouldn’t stop me from posting! Vale is may tear down the Superstack and I have mixed feelings! History of the Superstack can be found here! I talk about Rememberance Day and how you should thank a veteran! I then talk about a guy who travels on a train and draws heads of characters that are well known and well you have to see it for yourself. Make sure you follow October Jones on Twitter! Zac Mihajlovic of Australia built a street legal Batmobile! Arnold Abbot may face jail time for being a hero and feeding the homeless! Shame on your Ft. Lauderdale!  Another toddler is abused and dies at the hands of the people that should be protecting him! Little Scott McMillan you are forever on the wall of heroes! RIP little guy!

Dave Dameshek is back spoiling this weeks Football games! See if he was right by clicking here! And also that is where Football Baby makes his picks!

The Standings after Week 10 on the Ehnother Podcast Football league can be found here!

Thanks for listening and come back more this week for more shows!


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