Ehnother Podcast Season 3 Episode 3

Welcome back to Ehnother Podcast and this week OJ is back to discuss a whole bunch of stories I had. He also tells you about his recent Disney Infinity 2.0 addiction.  Oh he also shows me some pictures sent by the lovely Brigitte Kingsley. I am just saying where the fuck are mine? After OJ is done bragging, we head into the show. And friend of the show Aaron Beaudry sent me 5 things the new city council can do to move us into the future! Mountain Dew flavoured Doritos? A mom creates an app for her kids to stop ignoring her. The Royal Bank of Canada is testing out nymi technology to allow you to pay using a wrist band. We landed a rover on a comet and it “sings”. Jose Canseco is tweeting again, hoping we wouldn’t remember he shot off his finger. He thinks comets are the cosmic taxis and Earth needs to take advantage of them. We will never forget the home run off your head, you shooting off your finger and now YOUR FINGER FALLING OFF IN A POKER GAME! Then we discuss modern flight and a Air Canada Express planes propellor flying through the fuselage in a crash landing. Quebec police are protesting how their pensions are being handled and they purchase Sheriff uniforms? I think the uniforms look bad ass, so keep them! I am not sure how they are protesting? Now onto the story of Franck Gervais, this guy needs to be punished. What a douche!

Are we on the brink of World War 3? I think Russia is starting some things and you can judge for yourself. You have to learn from your past so you don’t repeat it. And right now Russia is getting ballsy! Maybe sort of Red Dawn like. As things unfold we will see what happens as it happens. Here is the story of the long range bombers, and the other of the submarine in Sweedish waters. We may be heading to a tipping point here.

Some window washers get stranded on 1 World Trade Center.

NFL Weekly Pickem group standings, Dave Dameshek’s Week 11 spoilers and Football Baby!

Here is the video that played out the podcast, the Walking Dead parody!

This year we honour OJs Dad who actually served Canada! Not like Franck Gervais!

Thank you to all our veterans who have served!


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