Ehnother Podcast – The Podcast Awakens

Hello Everyone, sorry we are for podcast missing last week we are! Terrible that was! Brand new show we have for you today. Mistakes lead to hate, hate leads to unsubscribing, unsubscribing leads to the dark side. The show details have I for you. Lower gas prices prediction is there, award for douche of the week to be handed out there is, two years of electric bills man in Toronto receives, to Canada I will go great relationship with the Canadians I have many places to see, too old to be trained as a padawan boy love letters does he send, darkside tales from internet does sith boys terrorize woman, force did Russians use to move plane they did from runway, Giant fans turn to darkside they did hate Cowboys fans they do, NFL Fantasy group standings we have, new NFL playoffs game to join we have for you, tales from the past in old Sudbury Star archives have we for you!

Force is strong with grandma who plays GTA V there is!

Darkside releases Star Wars trailer there is!

The Force is strong with real trailer there is!

Kevin Smith has Teaser Trailer Reaction for you!

For listening we are happy, return tomorrow you will for new episode of Reel Music.


Contact us you will, respond swiftly to you will I!


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