Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 105 … R.I.P. Beth

RIP BethEhnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #105
This week’s show is light on entertainment news, however, I did find some good information. Due to the shortened week featuring the American Thanksgiving, I think more news stories will come out for next week’s show. I continue your comic book releases with the synopsis, no one has come out and said they hated it or felt spoiled in any way, so will continue with that. The #1 movie in the box office is no surprise for the 2nd straight week, and I predict will not change again next week. Also, a nice little article in here on 10 college courses that might be awesome to take part in.
In sports, Darryl Talley of the Buffalo Bills past, is in need of help and the fans of the Bills have responded in a HUGE way. Get well Darryl Talley, and hope the support of Bills fans and football fans from around the world is able to make things just a bit better. The NFL is getting closer to the end of the season with just 4 weeks remaining, see where your team stands now. Also, since this is now December, we have your NHL Players of the Month, Rookie of the Month and of course the traditional Players of the Week. I had some other news, but going to talk about it next week if I can get more information as it pertains to a certain hit in the NHL this past week. Finally, the show wraps with some quotes from CM Punk on his exit from the WWE. They are NSFW and they are definitely from the heart. WWE and CM Punk’s split has been anything but amicable.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

This dropped on Friday, and had to share it here… especially when the meme posted after it came out:
[youtbe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMOVFvcNfvE]
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