Ehnother Podcast – Aquamans Drunk Again

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new Ehnother Podcast. This is Season 3 Episode 6! OJ is back today and I have a great show lined up for you. We talk about Christmas shopping and whether we are done or not! I am not! No new DVDs on the shelf, there will be Tuesday as that is when Guardians of the Galaxy drops. My wife and I got tattoos on Saturday (after the recording) pictures to come via twitter I am sure. Then we dive right into the stories.

Joe Cimino will not take severance package offered by the province, Bill Cosby’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame looks different, Co-worker in BC keeps $50 million dollar ticket a secret in group lotto, Turkish Airlines fire stewardess for being too hot, Agents of Shield tshirt from think geek, Aaron Joseph writes own obituary, Home Alone remix, Aquaman is drunk again, Incredible Hulk Clearasil commercial, Hockey player is telling us everything his team is doing right meow, Arian Foster is talking to reporters in a British accent, NFL spoilers with Dave Dameshek, Weekly Pickem Standings.

Aaron Purmort’s Fundraiser Link

That should be about it! Thanks for listening! Come back tomorrow for Reel Music.



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