Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 106 … Double Sized Tired Episode!

SpectreEhnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #106
This week’s show is completely jammed packed with information from the past week. Much as I thought last week, due to the holiday season in the USA, there were many influxes of news as those in the business went back to work. Much like a double issue of your favourite comic book, this week’s show is double-sized. Speaking of which, you will find your comic book releases for the week, complete with synopsis. Also there were casting announcments, director announcments, movie updates and of course the ever present rumours of the entertainment world. Super Hero Movie Time also saw an increase of content, but I hope that my being very tired from a VERY long day of work did not drag down the show.
In sports, there was a loss to the world of hockey, Jean Beliveau passed away at the age of 83. NFL.com has grades for the first round draft picks, and I give them to you. This week
it is the offense and next week will be the defense. Injury update, including a car accident that may have ended the season for one Cam Newton. I discuss the double standard in the NHL with Sidney Crybaby Crosby. He made comments about someone getting out of the way in attack Steckell when he was hit… well Crosby delivered the same “hit” and no
apologies. Douchebag for sure, and I am sure Riley Nash would agree. CM Punk, formerly 0f the WWE, has decided to give MMA a shot and will join the UFC in 2015. Speaking of the WWE, I have my predictions for this week’s WWE TLC (and Stairs) PPV. That’s right, they are calling it WWE Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Stairs now… WHAT!?
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!
Suicide Squad CastLINKS:
Prayers for Sophie
World of Warcraft Charity Pet – Argi the Spacegoat
Bond 24 Announcement

Honest NHL Slogans
Riley Nash is blindsided by Crosby (Talk about double standards, just look at the title of this video)

Same hit on Crosby, just to compare, from 2011

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