Warlock Hour Presents: Special Report – Sony Hacked; “The Interview” Not Released … Terrorists Win!

The InterviewSo this is me being a bit proactive. This news started coming out early Wednesday morning and all through the day on Wednesday. With the Warlock Wednesday episode already recorded and released, and of course your NFL Pick ‘Em show released on Thursday, this was the only day to release this. Now, as I am recording there was nothing from the US Justice Department. However, by the time you listen, there should be word from the US Justice Department and I will then add the press release to the links here. I am sure this will be met with two sides, but my side is: The terrorists won!
For gawd sakes it’s just a DAMN movie. This is flipping ridiculous!!!
UPDATE: Some theater’s were going to show “Team America: World Police” in place of the cancelled “The Interview”, however, Paramount has nixed that idea:
Paramount cancels Team America Screenings

Official Press Release from Sony about the Hack
Article: “The Interview Will Not Get A VOD Release From Sony” from Cinemablend.com
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