Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Season 2 Playoffs Super Bowl XLIX

NFL Pick EmSuperBowl XLIX
Well folks, it’s been a long season, but here it is… the end. The Super Bowl edition of the NFL Pick ‘Em show. This is a longer one than you might expect due to the nature of the show. Tyler, Adam and I discuss the AFC and NFC Championship game, Deflate-gate and other issues leading into the Super Bowl picks. Also, during the picks segment we take an interlude where I was able to sit down with James and get his pick and thoughts on things. So we have a full show and our thoughts on the game. Looks like we will try and do a Super Bowl recap show next week, but if we don’t, thank you for listening and see you next season!!
Enjoy the show!!

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Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 113 … Bonus Story in the Links Below!

X-Men Apocalypse New Cast
Cast for X-Men: Apocalypse Confirmed!

NOTE: Bonus story in the links below, missed it while doing the show and think it might be an interesting and enjoyable read.
Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #113
Welcome to ehnother week of the Warlock Hour. There is a lot of news this week as it pertains to entertainment. So much so, that there is too much to write a short synopsis to
sum everything up. I will say there is some casting news, directing news, and much much more. Sadly, we did lose quite the entertainment legend this week too. So give a listen to
a fun hour of entertainment news and comic book releases.
deflategateIn sports, the NFL has a new scandal that involve the New England Patriots. Bill Belicheat
needs to understand science before he starts making it up. The NFL Pro Bowl was this past
week and there are a few points from there to talk about. In the NHL it was the All Star Game which left not many games between last week and this week, but we still have your NHL 3 Stars of the Week. Finally, we wrap up the show with a bit of WWE Hall of Fame news and the recap of the WWE Royal Rumble PPV.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

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BONUS STORY – UFC Feel Good Story with Irish MMA Fighter: Conor McGregor
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Reel Music Episode 110

(Recorded LIVE January 24, 2015 on CKLU)
OJ dives into the CKLU studio alone for the first of 3 shows. Box Office, DVDs, and Super Heroes.





BOX OFFICE #1 – Jan 23-25, 2015

COMING SOON – Jan 30 to Feb 5, 2015


Hope you enjoy the show! Come back tomorrow for Warlock Wednesday!

Ehnother Podcast S03E13 – The State of the Podunion

Welcome one and all to an all new podcast from all of us here at Ehnother Podcast! This week I give some great news, and sort of a State of the Podunion, where we are, and where we will be going! At least I hope that is what we will be doing! We hopefully will be splitting each show on iTunes 98-99% of the work is already done! Also I have started a Friends of the Show link on the page, soon there will be downloadable content I have the approval of our brothers over at Say What Podcast, and I am hoping for some more! I then give some shout outs to my favourite podcasts, Say What Podcast, Almost a Show Podcast, PODdunk, Quadcast Podcast and FBN: Popcorn Podcast. Each one of these shows make me want to be a better podcaster and satiate my podcast pallet! No more huge name podcasts like Adam Carolla for this kid!

After the break we dive into the show, I have the following news stories for you. The woman who lent her vagina to be a model for flesh light, a woman loses her mind because the BC ferry is full, Winnipeg is Canada’s most racist city, Vince Wilfork is a hero, Civil War has started already for the Super Bowl and Chris Evans v Chris Pratt, and the Ehnother Podcast NFL standings, and New Zealands U20 hockey team do the haku.

Hope you enjoy the show! Come back tomorrow for Reel Music!


Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 112 … Passion breeds Contempt!

Nominees areEhnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #112
Welcome to ehnother week of the Warlock Hour. In this week’s show I get pretty upset with some of the nominations for both the Razzie’s and the Oscars. I think there is a collusion in Hollywood to exclude actually good movies. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good art movies out there, but what about the movies that EVERYONE like to see? No Oscar nominations for them. In other news, we have casting rumors and spoiler rumors for upcoming features. I give you a warning, the Super Hero Movie Time segment is quite spoiler (rumor wise) centric this week. Also, don’t forget all your comic book releases, box office numbers and upcoming movie releases for the weeknd.
In sports, the NFL has it’s Super Bowl competitors, but once again there is a controversy
in one of the games. This time it didn’t affect the out come of the game, but it could result in lost draft picks for the offending team. Patriot fans are fickle and their team is once again the center of scandal. Besides all that, their is some coaching vacancy updates and a first look at some things to look for in the upcoming Super Bowl. I give you the rundown of both rosters – the Pro Bowl in the NFL and All Star Game in the NHL. As always, your NHL 3 Stars of the Week are here. My brief thoughts on the Maple Leafs 7 games after firing their coach. Finally, I wrap things up with my WWE Royal Rumble Predictions.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!
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Ehnother Podcast the Released Tapes

Welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us here at Ehnother Podcast! OJ and I kick off the show with the reveal of the January Nerd Block! And then we talk about Age of Ultron Mini Figures by Minimates, Target pulling out of Canada, a map of the unofficial sliding hills in Sudbury Ontario, a guy asks his parents to name Super Smash Bros characters, a cool phone by Samsung that Tony Stark will be using in Avengers Age of Ultron, the released tapes of the Andrew Olivier conversations.

And we cover some of the NFL coaching changes, and the Playoff challenge. We also discuss the official tie breaker for the weekly pickem should there be a tie!

Hope you enjoy the show and you come back tomorrow for Reel Music!


Oh we also talk about how you can podcast for virtually free! If you really want information contact us and I will gladly help you!

Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Season 2 Playoffs Conference Championships

NFL Pick Emnfl-playoffs
We are through Round 2 of the NFL Playoffs. Adam and I sit down and discuss the Divisional Round match ups. I was quite disappointed with one out come in particular, but there was some good games in the process. Sadly, we may have seen the last game of one of the best QB’s to have ever played the game… only time will tell there. As for the podcast playoff standings: James and I are tied with a 6-2 record, Adam is next with a 5-3 record, Tyler at 4-4 and then OJ sits at 3-5. After the discussion of the Divisional round, we make our picks and predictions for the AFC and NFC Conference Championships. Basically, we are picking who we think will be playing in Super Bowl XLIX.
Note: The Season 2 Finale of NFL Pick ‘Em will be in 2 weeks time, before the Super Bowl.

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Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 111 … Awards Season has Begun!!

Awards SeasonEhnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #111
This week’s show is a complete mess… well not really. I forgot things, mis-read things and mis-spoke a heck of a lot. However, I managed to piece together the whole show and it is a big one. Awards season is under way with the results from the People’s Choice Awards and the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards. Along with that: Casting and directing rumours, comic book news and even TV renewels for the Fall Season. All that and more in the
entertainment section of this week’s show.
In sports, two good news stories about very classy teams. Also, all the updates about the
coaching vacancies in the NFL. A recap of the winners from the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs and who is still standing going into the AFC and NFC Championships. I have a bit of rant about why I hate the Patriots, and most of its Bandwagon jumping fans. “What have you done for me lately?” Also, your NHL 3 Stars of the week and NFL Hall of Fame Finalists are here. NHL is getting close to the All-Star Game as well, which means we are getting to the best part of the NHL season.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

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5 Year Old Girl Comments on Slave Leia Bikini

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Reel Music Episode 108

(Recorded LIVE January 10, 2015)
James and OJ welcome into the CKLU Studios David Briggs, writer/director/producer of “Black Forest”. “Black Forest” will be making it world premiere right here in Sudbury on January 31! Save the date, and support local film culture. The tickets are printed, and available now!!! Check the “BLACK FOREST” site, you won’t want to miss this night!
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BOX OFFICE #1 JAN 9-11, 2015

DVD BLUesday