Ehnother Podcast with Technical Errors

Hey everyone, usually every week I am

pleased to bring you a podcast. This week however I was testing something and OJs mic got muted. Totally my fault! I was going to delete it and OJ said no! POST IT! So that is what I did. I wouldn’t blame you for not listening, half a conversation with OJ breaking through once in a while will be tough. I can say that if you go to the one hour mark, we fix it and you can listen to the last half hour. Things we talk about in the hour? How Ultraviolet and Flixter are messing with me! How I had to go on a mission to save my daughter and then we did some news which you can hear fully! They are the following:

Woman puts a condom on her leg to prove a point, It’s colder in Canada than on Mars, Sliding in Sudbury Ontario has been BANNED, A man with two functioning penises, Kurt Warner would have came back for the playoffs for Arizona if they asked him, Packers MASSIVE burger for the divisional round, and the NFL pickem standings

Come back tomorrow for Reel Music! Wednesday for Warlock Wednesdays and Thursdays for the NFL Pickem episodes!



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