Ehnother Podcast S03E16 – No More Mister Nice Guy

Hello everyone, OJ is back, back again! Our time apart couldn’t come at a greater time VALENTINES DAY (When we recorded). Hope you and yours had a good Valentines Day! Now onto the show. First off I want to say that the show gets dark, very dark. I am not apologizing for anything I say! Why should I? People can run their mouths and when I say my point of view well I get told how wrong I am. So no more mister nice guy! We most definitely will talk the Spider-Man deal, how some of my friends said that stupid people who don’t understand the movies (comic book) shouldn’t watch them! And I stick up for everyone! I have had enough! Then we take a break and jump right into the news!

A teen takes a selfie with a dead body, Superman statue to be erected in Cleveland, Superman’s first serial radio broadcast from 75 years ago (February 13, 1940), Nothing says I love you like a chocolate anus, Samsung Smart Tvs are spying on you, 10 times Batman and Superman have Killed on Comics!

That should be about it! Make sure you come back tomorrow and listen to Reel Music! Brand new show tomorrow!


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