Ehnother Podcast S03E17 – Aquaman is here!

Aquaman is here! Not in studio but thanks to Zack Snyder (the best director in the world) we now can see Aquaman! Jason Mamoa is seen below as Aquaman in what I assume is a very small part in Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice. Most likely the third act when the four of them come together. I also assume that the Unite the Seven means not the Justice League members but the Seas.

Looks pretty bad ass to me! Now onto the show after OJ and I discuss Aquaman we jump into some randomness and then the news!

Sudbury Family has to move from Ronald MacDonald house, Toronto 3 year old dies in extreme cold, Toronto Mother gets charged for leaving child at home unattended, Woman gets arrested for masturbating during 50 shades of grey, Boston Mayor urges people to stop jumping into snow from buildings, Snow Storm 2015, Vanila Ice gets arrested, Snow storm in Jerusalem and much much more! Videos are down below! Enjoy the show come back tomorrow for an all new Reel Music with OJ and myself!



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