Ehnother Podcast S03E18 – Trading Cards and Facemasks

Hey everyone, welcome to an all new Ehnother Podcast from all of us here at Ehnother Podcast! What a great show lined up for you that we have! OJ and I kick things off talking a little bit about the 90s Marvel trading cards. What a bunch of beauties those were! Little Ceasers Deep Dish Bacon Wrapped Pizza! It looks so good! A bunch of other stuff I can’t even remember besides the passing away of a legend in that of Leonard Nimoy aka Spock! He will be missed. We cap off the show before the news because I will not be available next week for the Podcast but we covered the news in part two. Please check out my friend Chezza!

Go to Bandcamp and buy his stuff! I grew up with him and his brothers for a few years and they are awesome! Well Chezza has some stuff you can buy! So as a fan of Ehnotherpodcast if you love it go support this independent music artist!

See Chezza’s album right here! Love you all, come back all this week for all new shows!


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