Ehnother Podcast S03E19 – The Microphone Incedent

Welcome to Ehnother Podcast were in awesome fashion you’re listening to something that was recorded a week ago! WE really do love you however I was at an auction for my dad, and the update of that will be on the end of the podcast! This episode OJ and I listen to our new favourite song courtesy of our friend Roch! Jesus is My friend! The original episode was lost due to the fact that I didn’t activate OJ’s mic, that is totally on me. We did discuss this stuff which I briefly cover in the top of the podcast so the links are below.

We then look and drool over a One 12 Mezco Batman! A baby is born via c-section with it’s amniotic sac fully intact! Space walkers take an awesome picture! CT scans of a statue reveal buddhist monk inside for 1000 years! Mystery tunnel found in Toronto! Giancarlo Stanton has a new protective face mask that he will use this season! Hope you have a great week all new one next week! Also some dentist touched OJ and we dive into that a little bit, and well will cover more on who touched him next podcast!

I then tell you about my movie review for Whiplash starring J.K. Simmons and Myles Teller. What a great movie 5 reels! Trailer is below!

Then I share the Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer 3 with you! And talk a little bit about a few things I noticed and James Gunn wanting to do a Squirlgirl movie.

Thor and the Avengers celebrate the defeat of Ultron.

Kanye West fans win the douche of the week for selling air from the fucking Yeezus tour concerts….seriously?

And finally I tell you about a new sex toy that you can face time yourself with. Go check out the Lovehoney website if you want this and other sexual torture devices.  Also pleasure devices and lingerie.


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