Ehnother Podcast S03E20 – Marvel Collector Corps

Hello everyone, OJ is back and we have an great show for you this week! His mic is on this time and we dive right into our weeks and I ask OJ why he hates the dentist! After that I tell OJ that Alanis Morissette’s album Jagged Little Pill is 20 freaking years old! Check it out below but do yourself a favour and go purchase the album! She is by far the best Canadian Rocker of all time!

Then we dive into where the heck OJ got his dancing Groot which he was keeping a secret for a while! You can get them on Amazon, but if you live in Canada HMV will be the place for you to go! We then talk Marvel Collector Corps and their great new box of collectables being sent out every two months. Go sign up if you can! Hey who knows maybe we can get them to sponsor the show! Superman and the rest of DC is getting a makeover and it’s not for the better! What are you doing DC? Here is Superman and his friends! We also cover the douche of the week which is a Kuwaiti preacher looking to rip down some history in the Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx.  Also we talk some updated NFL draft order get the list here! The insane Apple iWatch and so much more! Get it all here on Ehnother Podcast or on iTunes look for us there! Every week!

We also would love to get Drone Malone on the show and OJ would love to meet him / her to ask for some help! Here is an awesome video of our home town!


Come back tomorrow for Reel Music and also on there we reveal who the Hero of the week is!



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