Ehnother Podcast S03E21 – Unprepared

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new Ehnother Podcast, OJ is here safe from the dentist and he is a little sore but we bare down and do a little show. OJ’s dad was also in the hospital for a week and today the day of this release he gets to go home! So we will wish him all the best! Now OJ and I talked about a whole bunch of stuff and I honestly can’t remember what it was? Bad of me right? I know we did talk about our weeks and my disappointment that I can’t give Mason what I would like to give him for Christmas this year! We went to Costco and got a Mario Kart! Sadly he is a little too young to use this even at Christmas or the next Christmas as well.

WE put together some more McFarlane Walking dead figures. I got two Daryl Dixions…..I only needed one. I would give one to Kelsey however I will just keep the other one. Unless she brings me cupcakes…. That leads me into my diet and my fit bit. No CUPCAKES for a long time! Sorry Kelsey! You can’t have my other brother Daryl! Tom Davin from the Say What Podcast is running a little let’s get healthy challenge! I joined it and so can you! Go download the Lose It app (free in app stores) go and install it, put in your stats and go! Watch what you eat and get healthy! After you sign up go into the Challenges and look for the Say What Podcast challenge! If you have a FitBit like we do it will also help you track many things like your calories, steps and much much more! Go do it! You don’t need a FitBit just get the Lose It App and let’s get healthy together! More on that will be hitting your earholes very very soon!

We then talk a little bit of the news, a woman from Australia gets drunk and gets severe frost bite in Saskatchewan! Cat Island in Japan! And our very new favourite cooking channel!

Well that is all for now come back tomorrow for a special Reel Music recorded in the Ehnother Podcast Studios!


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