Ehnother Podcast S03E23 – Convergence

Hello everyone welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us here at I (James) am by myself this week, and I have some great stuff for you ! I tell you about the new Red Robin action figure that I purchased from our friends over in Hanmer Ontario at Popcorn Video! Jim and his staff have some great stuff, and it clearly in my opinion is the best store in Sudbury for all things nerd! Comics and so much more, listen to the ad and go see them!

I placed Red Robin in with the Justice League for right now until I can get a bigger shelf! Soon I hope I am running out of prime real estate here! I also picked up book 0 for Convergence, go listen to my grand plans for this series and the Superman series going forward! And my plans to get some books from the week of Mason’s birth! I then play the Ryan Reynolds interview with Mario Lopez that tells everyone what rating Deadpool will be! Here is the video!

Here is the action figure I sent to OJ that Popcorn Video has!

Canada is going to have a $5 coin? Really?

Here are the limited edition 3D glasses for Avengers Age of Ultron! A Toronto driver loses his car in a sink hole! And finally the video you have all been waiting for! SKETCHSHE! We need to interview these girls for the podcast! Why? Because we love them! They’re the greatest show in a car!

Absolutely great stuff there! Come back tomorrow for more Reel Music! Thanks for listening! Go visit your local store for comics and action figures! Support the small guys and screw the big guys! Unless you’re in jail……..



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