Ehnother Podcast S03E24 – Good Ol’ Boy

Hello all you lovely people, thanks for tuning into an all new episode on a lovely April 13th Monday! I have a great show for you. I talk to OJ about a good ol’ boy. James Best passed away. Most known for his role on the Dukes of Hazzard as Roscoe P. Coltrane. This lovely man not only followed me on twitter, he was the one who followed me first! He was an awesome human being and it is sad that he is gone. As you will hear in the podcast that he would tweet me on my birthdays and such. He will be missed that is for sure! What a class act!

We then discuss some random things, stuff I can’t really remember to be quite honest. The stuff I do remember is that we talked about some of the douches in the world that make humanity seem so low. We hand out a two part douche award first to the man in Quebec who had a chainsaw and was threatening a family! Then also to the aunt who put super glue in her nephews ear! A close second are these fucking awful promposals! The ultamate hero award this week goes to Lauren Hill, OJ and I talked about her a while ago and she sadly lost her battle with cancer this past week and she was a great young lady and inspiration. She will be missed! LeBron James gave an awesome twitter account of Lauren‘s inspiration to him, most times I don’t talk about LeBron, I take great joy in bothering him when he plays my Spurs. I will lay off him for the rest of the season! Also another hero from the NBA comes from Oklahoma and Russell Westbrook giving the SUV he won at the All Star game back a few months ago to a needy family! What a class act! Here are some foods you can find at the ballpark this summer, however not to our knowledge not in Canada! We will have to look into what Canadian ballparks are serving their fan bases! The Avengers razors!

DC comics is leaving New York to be closer to the studios that they are a part of. In that move they sent out a nice tweet to NYC for hosting the offices for many years. In the midst of the nerd wars and what studio is doing what. Marvel shows DC some love. It’s a great moment in history today. It will not stop people from the Marvel v DC debate (Ray may say there is no debate) I love all equally! I also talk about my feelings of Netflix / Marvel’s rendition of Daredevil. The Liberal government just screwed Nova Scotia in a big way. OJ tells you the ending to Furious 7 and talks about the song. It is below.

Then we cap off the show with some awesome young men from Britain’s Got Talent! They have a unique song about bullies! Come back tomorrow for Reel Music!

Some shout outs we gave on the show! FYFC Podcast, Almost a Show, PodDunk, Say What Podcast they are great podcasts go check them out (after you’ve checked out today’s episode!)


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