Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 124 … Neighbor’s Home Improvement Edition!?

Lauren HillEhnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #124!
This week’s show is jam packed. All the regular segments are here: Comic book releases, Entertainment News, Super Hero Movie Time and sadly we lost a true inspirational person this past week in Lauren Hill. Check out all the casting news and rumors. Some writers announced and directors circling projects. In Super Hero Movie Time we have a few announcements for you, including DC losing their director for Wonder Woman. Fox adds a new cast member to X-Men: Apocalypse and Marvel Studios has a few confirmations for you.
In sports, a couple more retirements from the NFL. The NFL may be watching the CFL even more closely this year due to some of the rule changes the CFL has made. The NHL regular season is over, and playoffs begin tonight (April 15, 2015) so here are the final standings and statistics. Finally, the baseball season is just over a week old and some stats and standings are starting to emerge. Check out this and more in this week’s podcast.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

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