Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 125 … The Rebooting Mouth Marathon!

Jonathan CrombieEhnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #125!
In this week’s show, Canadian’s lost a piece of their childhood… That is if they were children or young adults growing up in the 80’s… Canadian Actor Jonathan Crombie passed away this past week. In other segments you will find your comic book releases; box office numbers; new movie releases in North America and in Ireland. In the entertainment section you will hear casting news and rumors; as well as other annoucements and rumors from the past week. In Super Hero Movie Time I get a bit off track due to my passion for comics and movies. However, some good announcements and rumors from the world of comic book related TV shows and movies.
THC+In sports, there is a few items of note in the world of the NFL… Like Tim Tebow is back and Adrian Peterson’s status is known… but unknown. The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are well into Round 1 now, with 2 teams already holding a strangle hold on their series. MLB Standing and stats, as well as the WWE Predictions for the upcoming WWE Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

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