Ehnother Podcast S03E26 – Skinamarikidinkidink

Welcome to another great week of Podcasting from all of us here at Ehnother Podcast! We have a great show for you today and some more great podcasts coming down the pipeline this week! I tell OJ about my progress in the Lose It challenge from Say What Podcast! OJ picked me up Ant Man for my collection of figures! FYI little Ant Man is riding Thor’s hammer now! New on the DVD shelf is Batman vs Robin and Hunger Games Mocking Jay part I. We also tell you about an awesome company one that I think is genius and will do well in the modern world. Go Tire is an amazing company that will do just about anything for you! Change your tires, repair cracks in your windshield, change your windshield, store your tires off site and so much more! Watch the video down below for more information and do yourself a favour download the mobile app!

We then jump into the news and according to polls Vancouver Canada is the unhappiest place to live in Canada! According to recent polls Greater City of Sudbury is the most happiest place to live in Canada! Yay us! For those of you that don’t know OJ and I live in Greater City of Sudbury and Ray is from here now living in Ireland! Which he also had the chance to see Avengers Age of Ultron last week! I know he will have a review for you soon!  Coming off the news that Sudbury is the happiest place to live in Canada, the Greater Sudbury Police have a message for the citizens of this great city. If you carry a pellet gun around town don’t be surprised if the Police show up!  Then we jump into the awesome part of the news! Astronaut Sam Cristoforetti wore a Star Trek uniform in space not only making her the next coolest person to ever be in space but now the hottest!

Of course our favourite and best ever in space is Commander Chris Hadfield! Live long and prosper!

We then tell you that the NFL schedule was released and the Dallas Cowboys have a scheduling conflict with the State Football Championships this year! China can’t get funerals to stop hiring funeral strippers? That is an odd way to go out! Recess from places around the world! This is neat but also sad at the same time! The Hero of the week goes out to Sens fan and Nurse who saved the life of an elderly man at a Sens game! The douche of the week award goes to a company I have no idea how to put this online however if you listen to the Podcast and want to see what we were talking about just click below


Also a part of our childhood died this week. Lois of Sharon, Lois and Bram passed away. She was and they were a great part of my childhood and she will be missed! Actually I do miss their show! They should be on Netflix!

Come back tomorrow for some Reel Music with OJ and myself and special guest Will! See you tomorrow, leave a comment below if you love the show!



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