Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 127 … The Grim Reaper Strikes Back

Nigel Terry Grace Lee Whitney Ellen Albertini Dow Ben E. King
Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #127!
This week’s show is pretty jammed packed if I do say so myself. After I tell you about your
comic book releases there is an article written by a creator from DC Comics who is getting
screwed over by the mogul that is DC Entertainment. Sadly, we also lost some greats this
past week: Ben E. King, Grace Lee Whitney and Nigel Terry… Huge buckets of win for all 3
and they will all be missed. Also, is all your normal segments: Box office numbers, movie
releases, entertainment news and everyone’s favourite – Super Hero Movie Time (complete
with the full review of Avengers: Age of Ultron I did for Reel Music).
In sports, I give you a lot of information from the NFL Draft. The complete first round of
picks; the winners and losers of the draft; collateral damage and more. NHL Stanley Cup
Playoffs continue with Round 2. A few series could end quickly, but let’s see how the next
week plays out first. Surprises always happen in the NHL Playoffs. As usual, I have your
MLB Standings and stats.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

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