Ehnother Podcast S3E29 – Everywhere A Douche

Hello everyone, welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us over at Ehnother Podcast! This week OJ and I sit down and talk about my birthday spectacular. What a surprise it was actually! Everyone dressed up in hero costumes!

And may I say everyone who thought me buying a selfie stick was funny and stupid. Well it came in handy didn’t it? Some people who originally made fun of me for getting it, went out and got one that night. The hero shelf got updated with some of the awesome gifts people brought. As you can see below.

New comics on the shelf are Secret Wars 1 and 2 and Convergence number 6. I would also like to show you what I was talking about. People say DC is dark in their films and such. I am finding Secret Wars very dark in colour. Also it lacks any real thought and imagination. More on that in the podcast. Also new on the DVD shelf is Wedding Ringer.

We also talk a little bit about deflategate, and as a fan of the New England Patriots what does that mean for me.

Halfway point in the show we talk some news and hand out the douche awards to which there are lots. Here are the news articles below that we pulled stuff from.

Phone scammers try new tactics, Vote for Kimberly Chaisson, Clyde River grads denied trip to Europe, Paraguay man arrested for rape of his step-daughter who is 10 years old, Weather grounded Orillia OPP chopper Sudbury residence worried, Southwest crew doesn’t let wife call her suicidal husband, NJ Governor Chris Christie spends thousands of dollars of tax payers money at NFL games, Exposing bad customer service, Florida man turns himself in for murdering his imaginary friend, Pranksters plant tree on baseball field, Sony’s new 4k projector, BB-8 is real, New bridge linking Detroit and Windsor to be named after Gordie Howe, Jetpack to make you like falcon exists.

Thanks for listening, come back tomorrow for Reel Music!


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