Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 130 … Twice the Rants!

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #129!
Due to the American long weekend of Memorial Day, the news this week is a bit lighter than normal, but that doesn’t stop the recording… just means it gets readjusted. Might even have a couple of rants for you to listen to. The show still includes all your favourite segments: Comic Book Releases; Entertainment News and Super Hero Movie Time. Plus a couple of Make-A-Wish stories.
Deadpool Make-A-WishIn sports, legal issues caused the Chicago Bears to cut a player. The remainder of the NFL Projected Starters for Week 1 is here for you. The CFL signs Michael Sam, and I personally hope he shows the NFL what they are missing. The Miami Marlins hate their fans, and the rest of the MLB story. Plus updates of the NHL playoffs and my WWE Predictions for the upcoming Elimination Chamber Pay Per View.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

BATKID BEGINS Official Trailer
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