Ehnother Podcast – Years of Futures Past

Welcome everyone to an all new Ehnother Podcast! This week OJ is here to talk some random things. The start of the show is in honour of OJs team the Tampa Bay Lightning and their game seven win over the New York Rangers, then we talk about our weeks, OJ’s car is back and all the normal stuff like action figures. How the wind is making mine fall off the shelf. And my office move. We talk the new comics I got last week (Conergence #8 of 8, Shazam Convergence #2 of 2 and Guardians Team up #5). I then tell you why I am loving Marvel more than DC at the moment and it’s not the reason you may think, we jump into a new segment and tell you some of the new comics that are coming out mostly on the part of DC Comics for the month of June there are a few number ones and resets that we would like to get our hands on. You can see the DC Comics list here and the Marvel Comics list here! As always we would like to remind you to listen to Warlock Wednesdays for all your comic needs the week they come out! Also if you would like to know more about Midnighter then you can do that here!

Thanks for listening, come back for more tomorrow with Reel Music!


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