Ehnother Podcast – Been A While

Wow what an amazing week, this past weekend I had my baseball tournament. Our first game of the season was rained out, and the second when I am writing this doesn’t look too promising. So this past weekend hopefully will be great weather. This week OJ and I cover the news, although a bit old by the time you’re hearing this wait for the end when we talk Super Girl! So here are some of the stories that we do cover!

Deadpool Action figures, 5 reasons a Dredd Netflix series would work, Sudbury Mother charged for recording daughter bathing, Tron 3 will not be moving forward, Self parking car goes terribly wrong, Dave Grohl loves Taylor Swift, Super Girl Pilot leaks online

Thanks for listening, I know OJ will be at Graphic Con here in Sudbury this past weekend so I hope he has some interviews for you on there! Come back tomorrow to get a fresh new Reel Music!



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