Hard Times

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new Ehnother Podcast, this week I am by myself! I tell you why in the show. We are also splitting up the main podcast feed into seperate ones for convinience. More on that within the body of the show, however for all of you who love to get the shows all in one place! That will exist for you as well! I then tell you about the comics I have amassed this month so far. And you can see them below!

I always get a little upset when it’s said that I am more of a DC guy, by my count there are 6 Marvel ones there and 2 DC ones. Some people may really want to believe me when I say that I am a fan of both! In the collection this week month so far are the following:

Secret Wars 3 of8, Avengers VS #1, Infinity Gauntlet #1, Groot #1, X-Men Years of Futures Past #1, Guardians Team Up #6, Bat-Mite #1 of 6, Redhood Arsenal #1. More to come next week as I will be picking up Action Comics #41, Superman #41 and Deadpools Secret Secret Wars #2! Maybe do some research fellas! Pretty soon I will need a long box, I hope my grandson loves these one day! He can read them and they hopefully will have a connection to him that his Pops read them in the hopes that he would read them one day!

Then I jump into the Local news, A Sudbury couple went missing, one has been found deceased and they are still looking for his wife. Please read the stories and keep a lookout for Gail Lynds! Also a Sudbury boy was surprised when he was bitten by a muskie!

We had two terrible losses this past week, first off was the American Dream Dusty Rhodes at the age of 69! You may remember Dusty over the years, here is his Titan Tron entrance video!

And quite possibly the best promo to ever be cut by a super star!

Also on the very same day was Sir Christopher Lee! We learned on the Podcast there are 22 unknown facts you can find them here! And below is the awesome Christmas music he did a few years ago!

After the break we jump into the rest of the news!

Dave Grohl breaks a leg, Ernie Reyes Jr. needs a kidney, LeBron James goes balls out, service dog saves owner, college catcher elbows players as they try to score and so much more! Shia Labeouf inspires you videos

Surf Ninjas Trailer




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