Ehnother Summer – Go Get Pregnant!

Welcome to the shortest podcast I have ever done, wishing you a great summer! Go out there and do some fun stuff! You don’t want to be stuck listening to a long podcast, go listen to some music, enjoy the weather and most of all have fun and stay safe!

New Comics:

Action Comics 42, Bat-Mite #2, Groot #2, Secret Wars #4 of 8, Guardians Team Up #7 and Years of Futures Past #2 (not sure of how many).

New DVDs on the shelf!


New Records on the Shelf:

Foo Fighters Greatest Hits, City And Colour (the one with the bird on it), Michael Jackson Thriller, The Eagles – The Long Run (I called it something else in the podcast).

Have a great fun summer! We will be back next week!


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