Ehnother Podcast – Batman v Superman Beatdown

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new show from us here at Ehnother Podcast! My brother stopped by for a break down and analysis of the Batman V Superman Trailer 2 from Warner Bros. Also we talk about how he really isn’t digging the Suicide Squad trailer. I am pretty excited for it. Will Smith has let him down a few times so he isn’t ready to accept it yet. We have a few laughs, and discuss why or why not Batman could defeat Superman. Time will tell! Look at the Trailers below, and tomorrow come back for Reel Music.

Here is an archived photo of my brother. He’s the little guy beside our sister in the red dress. There is a lot of me in this collage!

I know I said I wish there was a Deadpool trailer, here is a leaked one. I can’t wait to see the real thing.



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