Ehnother Podcast – Sensitive Subject

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new podcast this week from all of us at Ehnother Podcast. This podcast was a tough conversation. Before I tell you what happened you will have to hear a little bit about our week and such. New comics (Red Hood Arsenal #2) and new DVDs on the shelf (Get Hard). We then warn you about a very sensitive subject that we need to discuss.

Basically we had a mutual friend that was arrested years ago for some really bad stuff. Again we come to find out that he is in jail. We are basically having a funeral for our friendship which is hard because OJ and I have some pretty big hearts. It was a tough go, but maybe it will help someone who may be going through similar things.

Also we ask for your help to find a painting, if you see this painting please let them know.

Here is also the story that accompanies it.

Please share the podcast with people and by this time, all feeds should be separate. We will be promoting the heck out of it! Love you all, come back for more tomorrow and Wednesday.



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