Ehnother Podcast S03E39 – Burwash Prison

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new episode from Ehnother Podcast! James has been on holidays for the past few weeks and took a break from podcasting. It’s summer I think you will understand that things sometimes trump podcasting! That being said he took a trip with his wife and friends to an old abandoned prison near his hometown of Sudbury Ontario Canada. Burwash Prison was the name and minimum security prison was it’s game. Doesn’t mean it didn’t have it’s fair share of controversies! Give it a listen and a few mins into the actual recording see if you can hear what spooked his wife out! It’s audible. When James popped it into Audacity oddly enough he can hear it but he can’t see it at all. It’s really the strangest thing! Photos to follow! Enjoy the episode James and OJ will be back on Monday! PEACE!


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