Ehother Podcast S03E41 – The Commander

Hello everyone welcome to an all new episode from Ehnother Podcast! James has a great show in line for you. It’s Labour day and all James did was work and clean and do chores! He also found some time to record this little gem for you! We hope you like it and subscribe to all the feeds! They are all up and fresh on iTunes and soon to be stitcher and other feeds as well! Now onto the meat and potatoes of the show!

Join our NFL Pickem League right here! 

Commander Chris Hadfield is coming to Sudbury and James is super excited! He hopes he can meet him! Read the article here if you want more information and you live in Sudbury Ontario! If you just want to listen to and watch the video it is below!

James was disturbed by a stranger who beats a kid with a belt, you heard some of the video on the podcast here it is below! Leave your comments in the form below.

Kanye West as a comedian.

Montreal Police are looking for $10 million worth of stolen silver!  And finally James gives you the worlds tallest tree! 

Subscribe to all the feeds! Details will be available soon as we don’t have them at this time! Come back ya’ll!



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