Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 149 – R.I.P. Johnny Strange

Johnny Strange                                                            HERO OF THE YEAR

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #149!
Welcome to episode 149, next week is a milestone show, but we have this week’s show to get through first. In the comic book release section Marvel begins it’s new phase of ALL NEW Marvel. Sadly, we lost some people this week that are different than your normal entertainers, but still we feel their loss. In one of those we lost, perhaps our Hero of the Year has been found in one: Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima. Television is trying to bring the silver screen to the small screen. Plus all of your regular segments are here: Comic Book Releases; Death Corner; Entertainment News; Box Office Reports; New Releases and Super Hero Movie Time.
It Has BegunIn sports, Dolphins are coach killers when playing in London. Referees suck sometimes… 3 HORRIBLE calls changed the outcomes of 2 big games this week. Both the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions got screwed by the refs. Plus all your NFL, Barclay’s Premiere League, Major League Baseball news… Oh and NHL Season begins today: October 7, 2015… GO LEAFS GO!! (Note: I know the Leafs will suck this season, but I don’t change my allegiences on a whim like others).
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

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