Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Season 3 Week 8

NFL Pick EmGreetings everyone. Week 7 was a blast for me personally as I got to see my first live NFL game at Wembley Stadium no less. I sadly watched my Bills lose to the Jaguars in what should have been a Bills win if not for shitty refereeing. Anyways, this week’s big winner was Tyler with a record of 11 – 3, however, thanks to a few good weeks in a row Adam has taken over the overall lead with a 1 game lead over front runner OJ. Adam and I are just the two of us this week as while my flight was back in time, Tyler was not able to join us as he was in an airport with airport internet. His picks were in and Adam and I discuss Week 7 a bit and then tell you all the picks for Week 8.
Have a great week everyone… enjoy the show!!

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