Ehnother Podcast S03E46 – Bronchitis

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new podcast from Ehnother Podcast! It’s been a long while, but I was sick, my wife was sick she had bronchitis then pneumonia. She was off work for almost a month but now she’s all good and back on her feet! In the show James hands out the douche awards! ISIS your up next on the podium you finished well ahead of the pack! With the attacks on Beirut and Paris within the span of a day you’re quickly becoming a thorn in the side of humanity!

James then tells you about a new podcast series he is working on more detials to follow!

Joshua Feuerstein thinks Starbucks hates Jesus.

I guess this “Christian” likes to lie to people, his name is Joshua not Merry Christmas….you don’t fool anyone but yourself! (Wish I would have thought of that in the podcast!)

And finally the RT. Hon Justin Trudeau was sworn in as the Canadian Prime Minister. Let’s see how this plays out! I hope he can prove the naysayers wrong.

OJ was off on a show or movie shoot, stay tuned next week for more details if he can say! See you all very soon! Leave a comment below, like and share with your friends!


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