Ehnother Podcast – S03E48 BeliebDAT We’re Back

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new week of Podcasting from your favourite Canadian Podcast Network! James and OJ are back this week and OJ supplies the Network with the official Douche Award.

We will do something with the Beliber Trophy to make it official! Now onto the show, we talk about a little movie that I watched when I was a kid on tv. No Retreat, No Surrender! The actual movie is all on YouTube.

Ten Second Songs are back with Adele – Hello! This guy does great work!

Some nice local men save a bald eagle, you’re welcome America!  A drama teacher wins over a prejudice woman.  A young woman ran away in China 10 years ago because her mom yelled at her and she was located living in an Internet Cafe.

And meet Otis Johnson he has been in jail for 44 years and his mind is blown away at what he see’s when he get’s out.

Thanks for listening, come back tomorrow for Reel Music!



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