Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 157 – Who do you trust?


Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #157!
Another week, another show… and the streak continues. This week’s show is pretty good, though I do have my allergies giving me fits… and a bit of yawning this week. Not that the show is boring, but I was a bit tired. All your normal segments are here: Comic Book Releases; Box Office Report; New Releases; Entertainment News and of course Super Hero Movie Time.
In sports, the NFL injuries just keep piling up this year and many more to tell you about this week. Plus, the NFL Owners have meetings beginning today (Wednesday) and there are a few things on the docket but no news expected about the Los Angeles situation/team. Also, could Chip Kelly be traded to the Titans? Also: Barclay’s Premiere League and NHL standings and stands… Including your NHL 3 Stars of the Week.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

Peter Jackson confirms he will direct an episode of Doctor Who
El Mayimbe Reveals Peter Quill’s Father (Exclusive Scoop/Rumor)
James Gunn has a response in this video to Scoop/Rumor
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