Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Season 3 Week 13

NFL Pick EmSo this week it is once more just Adam and I, but we definitely still do a good job and we are still missing our partner in crime Tyler. Last week was the first week where I finally managed to win the week (well, behind the consensus picks that is). OJ is still the overall leader but the lead is beginning to shrink. We talk about a few the games from last week, including how the referee’s are trying to decide too many games this year, and also the wacky ending to Monday night’s game. Our picks for Week 13 are made and Tyler’s mail in picks are a bit surprising in some spots… also, Adam tries to give me a heart attack. However, another great week is in the books and we hope you enjoy the show, see you next week.
NOTE: Congratulations goes out to Adam and Kayla as they become new parents. All the best to the both of them and baby Tyrion

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