Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Season 3 Week 14

NFL Pick Em

Welcome to Week 14 and a different show. Adam is a proud new dad, and sadly for us, he is doing is dad duties and taking care of his son this week. Tyler couldn’t be with us this week either, so I tried to get James or OJ to join me… but life has to to be lived. So this week it’s  a special guest episode. Last year our friends Erin and Mike joined us a couple of times, well they are back and bring a different perspective. Erin is our resident Panther’s fan while Mike is the Broncos backer. So the show starts off with me recapping the Week 13 games before Mike and Erin join me for the pick segment. OJ still holds the overall lead on the podcast, but I won this week going 12 – 4, thank you to the Eagles for that big win over the Patriots 🙂
Hope you enjoy this week’s special guests, and the show. See you next week.

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